added 454 local cases, 6 deaths. 23 May 2021 (Sun)

Many people don’t realise they’ve facing depression, they’re anxious (so am I), it’s just a start and there are too many things happening. Most of them are too complicated. If you don’t catch up with the news every day you would miss a lot and have no idea what people are talking about.

For example, CN has sent tons of disinformation every day, we got the proof that they’re trying defeating our society.
CDC holds two press conferences every day as there’s too much disinformation from CN, the morning one is used to clarify the information.

People turn on the live stream to watch the main press conference at PM2:00 on time every day. “It’s like watching a lottery“, some said.

added 451 local cases, 2 deaths. 22 May 2021 (Sat)

Finally, we got some touching news: Casar Park Hotel Taipei, a five-star hotel, joined the hospital team. It’s providing all rooms for patients who have minor or asymptomatic symptoms to help stop the community infection.

It’s totally different from so-called…

276 local cases added. 16 May 2021 (Sun)

A local case in an elementary school has been diagnosed at midnight, it’s near my home. I’ve been struggling for three days if my daughters need to ask for personal leave to school before the schools are closed. I understand why the government hasn’t closed schools yet. It’s super common that both parents need to go to work and no one can take care of their children if the schools are closed. I think I’ll call personal leave for two weeks.





每個人的時間都一樣多,只是有些人犧牲了其他的事情去補其他事情,有些人就是財力雄厚先天條件佔盡良機,有些人的丈夫與婆家有 sense 讓妻子好好過好她的人生。


Medium asked me to put an attractive picture, so…

Vsy Chen

This is Vsy, an English (B2-C1) and Spanish learner (A1), a language nerd. Working in the social media industry as a director. [TW]

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