Plain Covid Journal in Taiwan D3@17 May 2021

510 local cases added. 17 May 2021 (Mon)

Can’t tell how anxious I am. All my kids have taken personal leaves. But the local government’s measures suck. Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow are two of my kids’ midterm exams. One of the schools has taken the measure accordingly. But another one has followed the locally governmental measure.

My eldest daughter’s school said that takes personal leave would affect the scores, I said we live near to the confirmed cases, they had better be more aware of any symptoms. My daughter doesn’t mind if the school remove some scores of her, she wants to take personal leave after taking the exam anyway, I’m proud that she’s carefree about her scores. She had a little cough this morning, it scared me, after a while, she got no symptoms, it was just allergies.

It was the first day that many people WFH, we received SMS that we were going to have the power cuts later. Pandemic, water cuts, power cuts… what’s the next?

Taipei is running out the medical resources.

I can WFH, but my husband has to work in the factory and we haven’t seen any additional precautions. Having a remote job is luxurious. I’ve been trying hard to find good news for four days since the surge. And I’ve also been trying hard browsing memes, but I found I don’t have the mood to see those “funny jokes”.

Six people were fined today as they were fighting indoor, it violated the measures, only five people are allowed. So, if you want to fight, you should make sure the number of people in each party and keep 1.5m distance or to take the fine.

Consulted with a friend who lives in a severe country about how to keep being positive during the pandemic, he shared these manners with me and allowed me to share these tips with my friends:

  1. If you stay safe and follow the precautions you know so much about, you’ll be OK, so will your family.

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